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MessyPup Standard Mystery Gunge


Everyone likes surprises – which is why we have our Mystery Gunge! Simply select the thickness, and we’ll send you a random colour hidden away in our white bag. You won’t know the colour until you open the bag...

Get messy often? Then select our monthly subscription option, and each month we will automatically send you a new order of mystery colours. No need to keep placing a new order. Perfect if you really hate being clean…






More Info

What colours will I get?


You won’t know until you open the bag! And we don’t know either!

Difference between Mystery and Random?


Our Mystery bags are white, with the contents inside hidden. If you would prefer we send you random colours but in our normal clear bags, head to our gunge page and select Random as the colour.

How does the monthly subscription work?


When you start your subscription we will take the amount for the Mystery Gunge straight away and will ship your box. Then, each month, you will be charged for another box automatically, and we will ship this out to you. Perfect if you get messy often!

Can I cancel my monthly subscription?


Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, there’s no contract!

How much gunge does one bag make?

Our gunge powder comes in a sealed bag. Each bag makes 10 litres of gunge, which is a standard size bucket.

How do I make gunge?

Simply add the powder to warm water and mix. Full mixing instructions are included with your order.

Difference between Standard and Extra Thick?

Our Standard gunge will give more of a "splash" effect when poured onto someone, whilst our Extra Thick gunge gives a "gooey" feel and clings more to the body.

Is it safe?

Yes! Our gunge is non-toxic, safe for your skin and latex safe. It won't stain your body or surfaces.

 "I enjoyed it so much that I decided to get a monthly subscription so I never have to run out."

David B

being clean is boring - become a messypup!

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