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MessyPup Standard Black Gunge








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How much gunge does one bag make?

Our gunge powder comes in a sealed bag. Each bag makes 10 litres of gunge, which is a standard size bucket.

How do I make gunge?

Simply add the powder to warm water and mix. Full mixing instructions are included with your order.

Difference between Standard and Extra Thick?

Our Standard gunge will give more of a "splash" effect when poured onto someone, whilst our Extra Thick gunge gives a "gooey" feel and clings more to the body.

Is it safe?

Yes! Our gunge is non-toxic, safe for your skin and latex safe. It won't stain your body or surfaces.

How do I get rid of Gunge?

Once finished, add cold water and the gunge will dilute. Our gunge is biodegradable and can be poured down a drain.

Why Messypup?


High quality, bold colours, guaranteed smooth gunge. Not all gunge powder is equal, but at MessyPup we have years of experience creating the best gunge – plus our gunge is thicker by default compared to other brands!

MessyPup Paws

Earn 5 Paws for every £1 you spend. You can claim these in for free gunge!

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! We offer free UK shipping when you buy 5 bags or more, and the best prices possible for International shipping. Please visit our Shipping Info page for more details.

"Amazing experience with the extra thick - easy to mix and great for fun play!"

Andrew H

being clean is boring - become a messypup!

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