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new to gunge?


so what are you waiting for?
being clean is boring - become a messypup

Try MessyPup gunge with our GUNGE VIRGIN deal
Grab 2 bags of gunge (1 Standard and 1 Extra Thick) in any colour of your choice and save 20%*
Select your colours below. You can always add on more bags of gunge at checkout




Extra Thick:

£11.18 (save £2.80)

*GUNGE VIRGIN deal is only valid for new customers, and once per customer. Deal gives the customer 20% off 1 bag of Standard and 1 bag of Extra Thick gunge. Only 1 discount/deal can be used per order. MessyPup reserves the right to end this deal at any time.


so what is gunge?

Gunge is a powder that mixes and thickens with water to create a colourful thick lube-like, slimey and gooey texture. Think of the TV shows where people get “slimed”.


It’s body safe, mixes in minutes and biodegradable.

So What Is Gunge?

how is it used?

So what’s the appeal of gunge? Some like the sensory aspect – the feeling of being covered in the thick warm liquid. Others like the humiliation or punishment – think of the TV quiz shows where the loser gets gunged.


Pour it over someone (or yourself), roll around in it, reignite your playful childish side, humiliate your sub, explore the deep erotic sensual feel of slime, create that alien-goo fantasy. Whatever you do, let messypup bring a new sensation to your play


how to make gunge

messypup gunge is super easy to make!

1) fill a bucket with warm water
2) add the gunge powder
3) quickly mix with your hand or mixer
4) thick smooth gunge in minutes!

messypup is biodegradable too, so once your done you can dispose of down a drain. Adding cold water will turn the gunge back to water. All orders come with mixing instructions, and a link to our helpful mixing video.

why messypup?

messypup is made by gungers, combining our personal recipe to create the perfect gunge. Our powder can be mixed by hand, and makes smooth thick brightly coloured gunge every time.

We have two thicknesses. Our standard gunge is thick by default, and creates a wonderful splash effect when poured onto someone. If you’re after something even thicker and goopy, then our extra thick gunge has you covered, literally!

Our gunge comes in sealed bags, with each bag making 10 litres of gunge. messypup is non-toxic and latex-safe. We have sold thousands of bags of gunge around the world; so why not explore sensory messy play with messypup – the highest quality, best value gunge.

"Amazing experience with the extra thick - easy to mix and great for fun play!"

Andrew H

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