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when you buy 3 bags of gunge


gunge box of 7 bags

Flu Green.png

bright, thick, gunge powder

messypup gunge powder is super easy to use: just add water and you'll get bright colourful smooth gunge in seconds - it's thick by default too, so no paying extra for good gunge...

fluorescent glow in the dark gunge

Taking bright and colourful to the next level! messypup fluorescent gunge is super neon and glows in the dark under UV light

Flu Orange UV.png
3 Bags.png

Mystery gunge box

Everyone likes surprises. The messypup mystery gunge box sends you a selection of random colours, unknown to you until you open the box. You can even sign up and we’ll send you a new box every month automatically (perfect if you hate being clean!)

Perfect clothing to get messy in

You’ve got the gunge, now you need something to get messy in! messypup have got you sorted – and it’s the perfect way to tell the world that being clean is boring...

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