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messypup gunge
Bright, smooth, thick gunge - explore our range below:

Our standard gunge is thick by default, and gives a splash effect when poured over someone. Mixes in minutes, each bag makes 10 litres of perfectly smooth gunge.

The ultimate gunge, our extra thick gunge feels heavier, will cling to the body more and gives a gooey feel. Available in the same bright colours as our standard range.

Everyone likes surprises - simply select how many bags you want, and we'll send you unknown colours at random. Get messy often? We can send out a mystery gunge order each month, so you'll never run out.

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Explore play with the lights off. Our UV gunge glows in the dark when under a UV black light.


Our range of MessyPup branded clothing!

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about our gunge

So what is gunge? Gunge is a thick liquid used to get messy! Some like the sensation of playing in the thick warm mixture (imagine a very thick lube), others like the humiliation side of being forced to get messy.

Whatever the reason, we believe being clean is boring. So explore your senses and take your play to the next messy level.

messypup makes thick, smooth, brightly coloured gunge in minutes. Each bag makes 10 litres of gunge, just add the powder to water and mix. It's non-toxic so safe to use, and biodegradable so simply washes away after you're done.

About Our Gunge

how to make gunge

Making messypup gunge is simple:

Fill a bucket with 10 litres of warm water


Add the messypup gunge powder and mix with your hand or electric mixer - the water will start to thicken


Leave for 20 minutes to allow the gunge to thicken correctly and cool to a safe temperature


Full mixing instructions are provided with your order. You can also watch our mixing video here.

How To Make Gune

frequently asked questions

is it safe?

Our gunge is non-toxic, so will not harm you or stain your skin.

will it stain?

If cleaned shortly after use, our gunge should not stain surfaces. Wash clothes after use as soon as possible.

how much does one bag make?

Each bag makes 10 litres of gunge, which is a standard size bucket.

how do i get rid of gunge?

Our gunge is biodegradable, which means after you have finished, simply pour it down a drain. Adding cold water will help it dilute.

See our full FAQs here.


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