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Standard Gunge Powder





How much gunge does one bag make? Each bag makes 10 litres of gunge, which is a standard size bucket.

Difference between Standard and Extra Thick? Our Standard gunge will give more of a "splash" effect when poured onto someone, whilst our Extra Thick gunge gives a "gooey" feel and clings more to the body.

Is it safe? Our gunge is non-toxic, so will not harm you or stain your skin.

Will it stain? If cleaned shortly after use, our gunge should not stain surfaces. Wash clothes after use as soon as possible.

How do i get rid of gunge? Our gunge is biodegradable, which means after you have finished, simply pour it down a drain. Adding cold water will help it dilute.

More questions?

how to make gunge


It was so quick and easy to mix and use, and the feel of it was so smooth and sticky! Will definitely be buying more!

Always enjoy my experience shopping with MessyPup! Fast delivery and amazing quality gunge! Highly recommend.

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